Lead Generation Expert

Lead Generation Expert


Job Description

What I need from my virtual assistant

I need leads that meet all of the following criteria.

1. The lead is of an active judgment originating from an court with in the United States
2. The Judgment has not been satisfied
3. The plaintiff/creditor must be an individual or group of individuals
4. The principal amount of the judgment must be greater than $10,000
5. The judgment must have been awarded between 1.1.2004 and 12.31.2009
6. If the debtor/defendant is an individual they must own property
a. Verified by public tax records
b. And has never declared bankruptcy
7. If the debtor/defendant is an business entity they must still be an active business
a. Verified by the state’s commerce department
I require the summary excel page filled out for each lead.
I require either a PDF. Or a screen shot proving each of the above criteria are met for each lead.
You are not permitted to contact any of the attorneys, creditors, or debtors of the judgments.
These lead are to be sent solely to me, and may not be shared with any other client.

Skills: marketing