Lead Generation Officer - Market Mining

Lead Generation Officer - Market Mining


Job Description

We are a new event merchandising company in Australia.

We are seeking an exceptional data-miner, market-researcher and lead generator.

This person needs to have excellent English, communication skills and great resourcefulness.

We are seeking leads for the following:
-music event/festivals of at least 250 people
-sports events
-charity events

These leads need to be for the ORGANISER or MARKETING MANAGER for these events. If this means sending an email to admin to find out this information-that is what is required.

This data should be presented in a spreadsheet with NAME, EVENT NAME, EMAIL, PHONE

We need at east 250 leads. (if you can over-deliver, that would be even better and REWARDS may be paid)

**Please use the word "MERCHANDISE" at the top of your reply/response as we need to make sure this person is committed and has read this properly.

Skills: merchandising, english, marketing