Lead Generator

Lead Generator


Job Description

The position entails scouring the internet to find the decision maker for large Australian companies which will be sent to you. The decision maker will be the CEO or director in media or communications. These leads will then be forwarded to the Australian office to be contacted by our Australian sales team.

Candidates will ideally have either a degree in Media and Communications or past experience in the field of print media. Experience in sales lead generation is also a plus.

Payment will be based on performance. Initially pay will be at a low base rate to be negotiated with the successful candidate. After 40 hours of work, pay will be renegotiated in line with the candidate's performance. For your earning potential the sky is the limit!

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview via skype and to discuss proof of qualifications.

To be considered for this posting, start your response with the phrase "I READ THIS TO THE END."

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