Legal Action For Rogue Ex Employee From India


Job Description

Legal Action For Rogue Ex Employee From India

Job Description:

Seeking an Indian Lawyer or Law firm to give justice to an employee whom has conducted illegal activities such as.
Doubling up as other employees and doing the work of many employees during allocated work time.
Has refused to hand over property of company as per contract
Legal enforceable Contract has been notarised in India between Ex Employee and Employer.

This position is for someone who can:
Successfully recover companies property and return monies illegitimately paid to Rogue EX Employee.
Charging Interest, fees, charges and Damages on top of amount. This amount to be discussed.

$50 paid upon completion and success of the work.
20% paid of monies recovered
Full time
Part time

Contractor requirements:

A track record of success in this field within India.
Legal Degree
Legal Experience.

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your previous Proven Track Record Of Success in our requirement

2. How you will go about being successful in this project.
3. CV with references
4.All your contact details (including Phone number with international codes, Emails, Chat Ids)

About the company

We are a Property, Trade, Investment firm that is looking for key people to move the company forward.

Skills: legal-advice, legal-services

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