Legal Problem Solver for Sports Gambling Simulation Site

Legal Problem Solver for Sports Gambling Simulation Site


Job Description

This is a revised version of the job posting with a fixed payment.

We are developing a sports site that lets people make for fun sports predictions (no money) on various sporting events. The site will keep track of how they do and I need a lawyer well versed in Sports Gambling to help keep us on the right side of the law! There will be payouts to sell your predictions and I am concerned about the tax implications and the various implications of this site. the closest known competitor is and I have previously worked with a lawyer who advised me to use much of their business model however I would rather blaze a new trail and want to know if thats possible. You would create a pros and cons report of the legal, tax, and any other implications of a few business models I can give you and you will be asked to think outside the box and provide me with business models I can use as well. Once a NDA is provided (by you) and signed we can move forward, I have a plan of how I want the site to function it will be your job as legal help to find a way to make it happen in the least complicated manner.

- US Based Attorneys and Paralegals ONLY
- Native English speakers
- Must have several glowing references and be prepared to work until completion of this project

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