Life time opportunity: programmer full time $800 to $1,200

Life time opportunity: programmer full time $800 to $1,200


Job Description

No more chasing projects. Full time job with a pharmaceutical from Florida.

Read and RESPOND to EVERY point and rate is 1 to 10 (highest)
1. What is level of spoken/written English?
2. What is your internet connection speed and can you share screen most of the day?
3. Do you have computer interruptions? If so, how often?
4. Grade your PHP programing level
5. Grade your .NET programing level
6. Grade your WordPress level and explain what you can do in WP
7. Grade your PhotoShop level?
8. Grade your CSS programing level
9. Grade your understanding in SEO
10. Can you work from 5am to 4pm Florida time (5 days a week)
11. Do you have quiet working environment at your home?
12. We buy all your hours so no other work is permitted
13. Are you associated with an agency or a company?
14. List your best skills
15. List sites or projects
16. Grade your mySQL level (1 to 10)
17. Grade your API connection experience (1 to 10)

Your first step in getting this job is to complete a test that shows us your database abilities. You will be paid $35 for this stage if you pass it successfully and be ready to work with us.

The pay will start at $750 a month and will continue to $1,200 a month plus very nice bonuses. So, please don't bid more than $4/hr for this full time position of 200+ hrs a month.

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