Like Native English! Article/Content Writeing!

Like Native English! Article/Content Writeing!


Job Description

Suited to people who can write native like English only.

Thanks for taking the time to read this ad. though this position does not require experience. This job still pays a competitive rate. I am in a non profit position, doing it for the future of dreams. We are looking for people that can connect with others on a social level.

We are interested in finding people that can get us real attention. We have arrangements with other non profit organizations that make these dreams come true for terminally ill children.

Our focus is more targeted towards making seemingly imposable dreams come true for more everyday people, not necessarily those with an illness. Weather you want to meet your favorite celebrity, or own your own super-car. may other high ticket items available.

We have some systems in place at the moment that will assist, though more ideas would be greatly appreciated.

All in all we are looking for people that can write well worded compelling content, that people will read and feel a connection with.

If this is you, than we really want to hear from you.


Skills: english

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