Link Audit SEO Wanted Regular Work

Link Audit SEO Wanted Regular Work


Job Description

We are looking for experienced link audit seo's to join our backlink profile audit team.

We are looking for someone to contact website owners in order to remove the harmful links they have on their website linking to our client sites.

You will be given a list of sites, links and webmaster contact details to contact for link removal and any additional direction if required. Your job will be to connect with the sites webmasters and site owners and ask them to remove links.

Your job will be to send out and monitor any replies in order to make sure that any links which can be removed are removed.

You should update an Excel spread sheet with the actions you've taken for each link.

You should be able to spend the majority of your working time on this project in order to get it done quickly and effectively.

Please include in your application:

• Comments about what you will do to contact website owners
• Information about any previous experience doing similar tasks
• How long you will be able to spend on this task in a working day
• How many site owners you realistically plan to contact in one hour

Do not apply if you can't

1. Speak good enough English to hold a conversation on Skype
2. Must not be a student

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