Link Building Help for Local SEO

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Job Description

I know I will probably get hundreds of proposals for this job, and I want everyone to know that I won't hire anyone that didn't read this whole job description.

I need to work on the link building strategy for a local Dentist. I don't have time to build links on my own, so I'm looking for some help.

Within about 4 months, I'd really like to jump from position 17 in the SERPS to at least top 5. I know that's difficult to guarantee, but I think a good SEO would at least have a good idea for the strategy that such a task would require.

I'm a little worried when I get proposals for SEOs that just want to use directory links. This is obviously no longer effective, so I'm looking for something more substantial than that.

I'd like to work with someone who has a strategy that involves link wheels / pyramids to build truly effective links quickly.

I want to be able to weed out the proposals of people that didn't read this whole job description, so please put the phrase "Dear Mr. Manager" in the very first line of your proposal.

Thanks and I look forward to getting started with this!