LinkedIn Capture Bot/Crawler/Data Extraction

LinkedIn Capture Bot/Crawler/Data Extraction


Job Description

I would like to extract leads from my groups in LinkedIn; often, other group members will post their name, email, and phone number, I would like to gather these names, emails, and phone numbers by having my own program that will access my account, go to different groups, check if the person already exists in the records, if the person does NOT exist, copy the information to an output file (Excel), record the date, and where the name of the group where the contact information was found; if the contact information does exist, then have the crawler move on.

I plan to email the contacts gathered, then invite them to join my mailing list for mailchimp . This is partly why I want the LinkedIn Crawler/bot to know if they have already been added, I don't want to annoy people, and I want to give them the opportunity to opt in or not.

Here are the features of the bot:
-Access my LinkedIn profile
-Go to groups of my choosing (I have some groups I don't want it to go to)
-Traverse through all public postings in each group
-Copy the person's name (is automatic on the post), email, and phone number; Name is required AND email is required, phone numbers are optional
-(Optional) Parse between first and last names and put them in separate fields
-Check the previous file to see if contact information is already in the file (email is the key to check)
-Paste new information in the Excel file (fullname, firstname, lastname, email1, email2, phone1, phone2) along with the capture date AND where the LinkedIn group where the data was retrieved.
-Traverse all public postings and contact information within the LinkedIn groups specified and repeating the process

The bot must also be secure as I do not want other people to have access to this contact information without having joined the LinkedIn group. The bot should be able to be run on Windows 7 64 bit system, and store the file locally.

I intend to make this an ethical transaction for the people whose information is posted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

PS if the BOT could also do facebook this would be appreciated.

PPS If you know of a software program that already does LinkedIn data capture, I will pay a fixed amount for good information that allows me accomplish the same thing; I will ONLY pay if I buy this software recommended by you.

Skills: linkedin, data-conversion, facebook

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