Linux NGINX Server Administrator

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We have a Linux Server (Ubuntu 12.04, NGINX) and a community website that includes Cometchat and a Google Maps Plugin.

You will be working for a human aid organization. Your job is to:

1) Intall Red5 and configure Cometchat (and its 2-3 component) to run like a charm. There is a very clearn guide for that. The workload is approx. 30 min.
2) Increase the overall speed of loading of all pages, especially the Map Page, e.g. by decreasing the amounts of requests Cometchat is asking to the server. In other words: Optimize the server for phpfox. The workload is approx. 60 min.
3) Make sure you have direct links (instead of, make It should work like .htaccess, just for NGINX. Workload: 20 min
4) Increase the security of the server and look for loopholes. Workload 60 min.
5) Give tips and advice us how we can further improve, speed, reliability and so on. Workload 20 min.

Skills: linux