Live Webinar Recorder

Live Webinar Recorder


Job Description

On an occasional basis, I will need LIVE webinars recorded. The requirements will be as follows:

1) Webinars can only be recorded at the time they are presented LIVE. If you have a power failure, or computer crash or recording accident, you will not be paid for your effort. There is only one chance to record the webinars, that is it.

2) You must demonstrate that you understand how to correctly translate the webinar broadcast time from the time zone the webinar is presented in to the time zone of your local country. There is a test that must be passed before I hire.

3) Webinar must be recorded in .MP4 format only.

4) The MP4 file must be uploaded to Google docs/drive using these instructions only:
(You may need to be logged into a google account in order to view this. If you don't have one, create one for free).

WARNING: Any video uploaded to any other google docs/drive account other than specified will not be paid. You cannot use your own google docs/drive account to upload the file to.

I will pay $1 per webinar after it is uploaded and shared following the specific google docs/drive instructions. Partial payment on the contract will be made after each webinar upload. There is no guarantee of time between webinars. It could be days or weeks between webinars, or longer. You will have to wait for the webinars that I need to have recorded one by one for the contract to be fulfilled. There is no timeline, so you must be patient.

This job will be good for 5 webinars. Once 5 webinars are completed, I can create a new job for additional webinars.

The first webinar set is located here:
Wednesday 3PM EST
Wednesday 8:30PM EST
Wednesday 8:30PM PST

When you apply, you must tell me:
1) what city and country you are in, and
2) what times all 3 webinars begin in YOUR local time zone.
3) If you are able to record any of them (I only need a recording of one)

Good Luck

Skills: video, test

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