Live data view (graphing website)

Live data view (graphing website)


Job Description


We're creating a web site to show the results of sensors and other things connected to the internet. The sensors will send data such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and so on, to a central server.

On this website, we want to show graphs of the data, allowing users of the site to view their data and examine changes over time. And at least for one view, show the graphs updating in real time as sensor readings come in.

Another view will show a map with readings from sensors located geographically.

To help people solve bugs in their sensors, we also want to show the queries coming in from the sensors as they happen.

We are looking at highcharts to do the graphing, since they seem to be reasonably priced and look good - but open to other options.

Our web server runs MySQL and PHP at the back end. After the initial beta version is up, we will want to look at versions more optimised for iPad, iPhone etc.

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