Logo Animation

Logo Animation

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We are looking for a designer who could animate our business logo (see attached file). The animated logo will be used as an intro at the beginning of our videos and should be no longer than 7-8 seconds. Please note, we are looking for a CUSTOMIZED animation, DO NOT USE TEMPLATES, AS WE WILL NOT ACCEPT OR REVIEW ANYTHING THAT IS NOT A PART OF THE DESCRIPTION BELOW.

We are a fitness company that caters directly to women. Therefore, we expect the logo to be directed to the female audience alone. With that being said, the animation should not be too "girly" and have a little bit of an "edge" to it. The said "edge" can be achieved through sound effects or animation, or both.

We use Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing, therefore the animated logo must be made into a file that is compatible with Premiere.

We rely on your own expertise and artistic skills. However, we have a vision of what this animation should look like.
- First, the words 'Build', 'My' and 'Body' appear one after another, as if they are falling off the ceiling. Each accompanied with a sound effect that is characteristic to a falling cement block.
- Second, the word 'beautiful' appears as if it is written in hand, with an accompanied sound effect of a pen/pencil on paper.
- Third, the silhouette of a pink lady walks out and poses similar to the example below. It then freezes into the pose that is in the logo.
- Lastly, our website appears and stays on the screen to the end (www.BuildMyBodyBeautiful.com). Make sure to capitalize each word of our website address, as seen in the brackets above.
- Please feel free to add your own enhancements, as you see fit. The goal is to make the animated logo look professional, as it will be presented in front of many viewers.

Materials you may require:

- Use the walking/posing pattern similar to the one in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67xEocPmI3k (rewind to 2:25)
- Please visit our website to get more familiar with our business: www.BuildMyBodyBeautiful.com. Please note that this website is not for your inspiration, as we are in the process of developing a new version that looks different.
- Please see attached eps file with our logo.

We will need to have the logo ready by next week, July 2nd, to meet our deadline.

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