Logo Creation


Job Description

Create logo for very successful dentist who invented the spa dentistry concept. The very first thing I want you to do is avoid thinking corporate or looking at dentistry websites. This beautiful dentist is very out-of-the-box and we're going to take her even further in that direction with the online presence. She's creative, innovative and really doesn't fit the dentistry field at all. She's more of a "designer" for teeth :-) and beauty products.

Definition for the Brand:
Beautiful, educational, and expert having fun".
Target audience is 30+, both male and female with a large gay population. California and is Hollywood Stylish.
Former Miss America representing beauty products in Canada and the US on stations such as QVC.
Color Tones - we'll be utilizing various shades of Aqua for the brand identity.

Please create three completely different logos for client review based on these first look sites:
Magazine Beauty Look - Think Magazine sites/brands - hip, modern, clean - mostly text and typography combined with emblem http://themeforest.net/item/unicorn-clean-and-responsive-magazine-theme/ful…
A circular style that's more like an emblem (think Starbucks when thinking emblem) that would fit this wordpress design: http://readywpthemes.com/themes/whip/?page_id=168
Hollywood Hipster - think chic, Hollywood style, typography with a little emblem much like the first edition but different type fonts - see the font typesets and size location. http://hipster.beantowndesign.com/demos/2/index.html

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