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Job Description

Simple logo needed for an art/engineering project at this year's burning man festival.

Description of the project:
A climbing (bouldering) wall with computer controlled lights (LEDs) embedded into the holds. http://toddthahn.com/outdoors/climbing_wall is a good example of a do-it-yourself climbing wall; ours will be free standing and of different dimensions, but that gives the idea. The climbing holds (ie. the colorful pieces of plastic) will have lights, as in the following video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kcp9dyocxtpnoy1/wall1.mp4

The logo should look good on the web, and should be simple enough that it is spray paintable with a stencil. Monochromatic or 2-color. We will need all the original files (eg. the svg).

Ideas/icons related to the project, that you could base a logo off of:
climbing (including top rope gear)
burning man (eg. https://www.google.com/search?q=burning+man+logo)
LEDs, anything related to electricity, or lights
The name of the group is ikea-lisp-code (ikea as in the furniture store, and lisp as in the programming language), or ILC. The name of the project is Flash ILC, though that is probably too many letters for a simple design.

Your application should contain a link to a portfolio of some prior work. Evidence of nerdiness (eg. maybe you latex all your reports, maybe you know what LED stands for off the top of your head) a plus.

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