Logo required

Logo required


Job Description

The logo I'd like to have created is outlined below. I'm happy to answer any questions.

Company Name: OFAH
Tagline: This time next year…

OFAH is a new Digital Agency company I'm forming. We will be supplying SEO/SEM/PPC, App & Web design & development, digital and print media & publishing solutions.

It will be a young, funny, bright and enthusiastic company.

The company name is derived from a British sitcom called 'Only Fools and Horses'. The sitcom ran for many hers, and was extremely funny, providing lots of amusing one-liners that we will use in our marketing content (including the tagline).

Ideally I would like the logo to in some way incorporate or reflect the 3 wheel yellow van that is a signature of theTV show (640 × 393 - classic.wunderground.com). My initial ideas are below, but please feel free to use your own creative ideas to produce options.

1. The letters OFAH with a yellow 3 wheeled van after the letters
2. Using only the panel from the side of the van, replace Trotters with OFAH, and Independent Traders with 'This time next year…' and then replace New York with Melbourne
3. The letters OFAH on the panel from the side of the van

The font for the company will be Bottlerocket (I've been informed this is the closest font to that on the side of the original 3 wheel van), but as I don't yet have the font to provide to you, can you please use Sans-serif for the moment (unless you can download the correct font).

Please let me know in your response if you need anything further to assist, and reply by starting with the words "OFAH logo" as I'll remove any without this at the start of the response.