Long Term Blog writers (Preferably Native English Writers)

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Job Description

I need a team of experienced and creative blog writers in various niches, I prefer writers who specialize and love writing in a few niches so you should let me know in which niches you prefer to write on.

I know that you might be able to write anything (pretty much anyone can do this) but I am sure you cannot write the same quality on a niche you have a lot of experience and in another where you have written just a few articles and you have no interest on it.

Below are some of the niches I need writers:

-Internet Marketing
-Home improvement

Additionally creativity and the ability to write captivating blog titles is very important.

To summit up below you can find what you should send me in your message in order to consider your bid

-Your top niches you love to write (you should order these niches according to your preference and experience on it), first should be the one you prefer to write the most, second the second best, etc
-Your rates for 20 × 600+ words blog posts
-As many samples in your preferred niches as possible (blog posts)
-A few words about your background
-In the interview I will ask you to suggest article ideas for blogs on your prefered niches in order to check your creativity

You should be able to meet deadlines and write 10+ blog posts per week

I am willing to pay around 1-2$ per 100words but feel free to make your own competive offer...

Additionally some times will send you a list of blogs and I will ask you to suggest article ideas for each blog (not just a title, each idea should have a short description of around 25-30 words) , then after I make the negotiations with the bloggers (you will only write the blog posts) I will ask you to write a blog post based on the chosen by the blogger article idea. There will be a bonus for each article idea no matter if I order an article or not. It will be 1,5$ per 3 ideas for each blog (given the fact that can be used).

This is a long term job which hopefully will lead to years of cooperation so bid accordingly (The $150 estimated budget is just an indication in order to check your rates, it's not for an actual 20 articles project since if everything goes well and you become a member of my team you will earn thousands dollars through out time)

I will pay weekly for all the completed projects, however for the first orders I will pay whenever they are ready in order to build some trust since as a writer myself I know how you feel :)

You should be available on skype while working!


Skills: marketing, english

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