Long Term Consultant for Web Developing.


Job Description

We are a company setting up a full team and we are looking for a web developer

Your role will be to setup blueprints, concepts and goals with estimated timelines for those workloads.

You will be in charge of transparency and organization insuring work continues with no setbacks and that i am involved through out the process.

You will be in charge of all Media work. Changing, upgrading, creating etc... (Photos/Videos)

You will need experience of at least 10 Years in web development and be versatile.

You will need at least 3 years in mobile development.

The job will be to make beautiful sites that are geared towards optimization.
We will always be keeping SEO Values in mind when developing our work.
We also want to ensure conversions.

The order of value when developing work will be:

1. CONVERSION OPTIMIZED (Getting phone calls/ form request/ Live chat)

2. SEO/OPTIMIZED (Work is being done to compliment all possible SEO strategies.


Work will begin on an initial blueprint for a web site.
This will be initially a milestone offer, Once both sides take a liking to the situation we will continue on a long term concept.

We are looking for someone who is not only going to do the work but be able to bring new ideas or different concepts to try. We want someone who wants to create media. (you dont have to be the one to create the content but you could source the work. For Ex: You think getting a cartoon done for a landing page would work great, You tell me i found someone on fiverr who does good work check out his profile for X amount we can get this done.) You don't need to be able to do everything but resourceful enough to get the job done and be transparent so we can help each other.

Please answer the questions below:

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