Looking for EXPERT that can Create a Blog network for me | You need to know what you are doing.

Looking for EXPERT that can Create a Blog network for me | You need to know what you are doing.


Job Description

I need someone who have knowledge in creating a blog network.

I want to use myself of one of these platforms:

1.Users need to be able to choose between several different themes.
2. Users need to be able to have the standard functions that a blog have.
2.1 I want YOU to state the standard functions in a user blog control panel for me.
3. The users should be able to change the html/css code in theme.
4. Domainname should be "blogname.domain.com"
5. All blogs should be seo adjusted.
6. No footprints
7.Unique IP for all new blogs created.
8. All new blog should be shown at the front page.
9. It should be statistics of all blogs / users
9.1 It should be statistics on all users own blog, unique and total.
9.2 It should be statistics off the total views of each post you make in the blog.
10. It should be a spotlight script there you can add your blgos and show them on the frontpage.. or / and inside the users blogs. You should pay with mobile phone / sms / home phone.
10.1 Images/ ads should be added to queque if more then 10 people bought ad.
11. Toplist of top250 of all blogs with visitor count.
12. It should be added so everytime you copy something from a blog. The url should get attached automatically at the end.
13. It should collect e-mails when people register.
14. All users have to verify there e-mail to start the blog.
15. From backend i should be able to send out mass e-mail and to specifik users.
16. It should be a coded/designed newsletter to. I should be able to send it from backend.
17. It should be a "AD" script in the newsletters. So Blogs show there everytime they get a newsletter, register or stuff like that.
18. I need to be able to manage all from backend.
19. It need to be secure login to backend and the blogs.
20. the manin domain to the blog network should be added to all new blogs created.
21. It should be set so you have to write minimum 100 Characters to post a blogpost.
22. You should be able to tag images/blogposts.
Be able to follow/unfollow other blogs. You should get notification when a user you follow make an update.
23. Featured stuff like "Featured blogs/blogsposts" and "Featured E-mail ads" should users be able to buy for a cost for X days or X time.) I should be able to change in backend, like everything else.
24. It should be connected with Facebook/Twitter so everytime you post a new blogpost so should it post the link on your facebook wall or twitter account. IF you have connected one of those.
25. paypal/payson integration

Write this in the title "I'll state what functions is in a user blog controlpanel for you!"
So i know you have read this carefully. And then you describe to me what the standard functions is.

This blog network should not be to advanced. Just the standard stuff + little more.

Things i need to know:
The price quote. Fixed price.
The time frame.
How many days
How many hours you can work each day
What languages you will be coding in
How many people will be working on this

I also want estimated time and price for each and single task i have stated here. All 25 tasks.


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