Looking for Full time Transcriptionists

Looking for Full time Transcriptionists


Job Description

You can choose your own schedule
You can choose to work part time or full time
This is long term job and stable job.

You should be able to transcribe a 1hr audio within 9 hours. (or a 30 min audio within 5 hours)

Audio file types can be one on one interviews, focus groups, meetings, presentations, etc. Can be from 1 speaker to multiple speakers. Mostly American accents but sometimes, we have British, Australian, etc.

You will be asked to transcribe a 5 min audio for me to assess your skills.
You should be able to do the interview today and you should be able to start work within today.

Pay rates: $7-10 per audio hour, depending on your skills. Bonus are to be given for accuracy and submitting before deadline.

Native English speakers preferred.
With experience preferred.