Looking for Parnter for Game

Looking for Parnter for Game


Job Description

**********Please list your skills, your general interest, and why you believe you can and should be part of the team.*********

We are looking for a business partner who can become part of our team to realize a game that has been a long time in the making.

The game is a MMA Manager game (stat heavy with non-moving graphic) for a sport that has a large fanbase, but no one catering directly to the interest.

We can explain the full scope of the project through email, but what we need is someone who is skilled at creating statistic-vs-statistics outcomes. The Creative Director is a logician and has mapped out the in-depth game dynamics, world-logic, and what should be expected of a programmer. The nuts and bolts will need to be created by the programmer, and thus this takes a creative mind ready to work alongside the creative director.

The game will be both browser-based with an auxiliary mobile application. The capability to create the browser-based full version is more important than Mobile App portion, so do not worry if you can only do the former.

We can talk compensation once the concept is explained to you. Until then, the hourly is simply so we can guage your general pricing.

Skills: games, mobile-application-development

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