Looking for Typo3 Extension Developer


Job Description

The budget of USD 5 is a placeholder we had to enter in order to post this job. We need you to offer us a budget, as we cannot estimate the effort needed.

We want to develop and implement an additional feature to our existing web application (built in Typo3, Version 4.4.15).

The application allows people to track their goals by evaluating their daily performance over a period of 21 days, resulting in a daily "score". We developed a visual metaphor to illustrate that progress: each participant is represented by an avatar that travels through a landscape towards the his "goal". Based on the date (number of days elapsed since start of the program) and on the actual performance ("score"), the avatar looks different and is placed in a different position on the landscape.

We need to integrate this visualization of the "journey to the goal" in our current application:
- Based on the data participants have entered (their "score"), the avatar to display has to be selected and displayed.
- Based on the time elapsed, the avatar has to be positioned in the appropriate location
- Participants also have some interactive icons / texts they can click in order to get assistance, see a video, get a quote of the day etc.

There is a dedicated area on the screen (now used to display a picture) where we want this visualization and the interaction options to appear. The currently used picture shall be replaced by the landscape and the avatar and navigation.

We have a local IT partner who developed and maintains the application. The new functionality shall be developed as an extension that display the individual "journey" for our participants.

We are looking for someone to develop this extension, and to integrate it in our existing application.

We want to assign the project based on a fixed budget. If you are interested, please apply for the project. We will then send you a detailed description of the above mentioned visuals and the functionality to include in the "journey to the goal". If you need more information to make an offer, please ask using this platform's messaging functionality. Based on the offers (cost and time needed) we receive we will assign the project.

Thanks for your application