Looking for a Flippa.com and/or site buying/research specialist

Looking for a Flippa.com and/or site buying/research specialist


Job Description

I am currently looking to purchase a website on Flippa.com or other website marketplace.

What I am currently looking for is a business that can generate between $3,000 to $10,000. With that said, I want a site that is currently generating revenue and has proven its model. It doesn't have to be at the 3k to 10k mark right now, but it needs to have proven that it is making money and that it can scale to those revenue marks. It also needs to have a proven marketing model that can be scaled with more effort/work (from people like yourself or others in the odesk community) or that it just needs additional marketing funds. In terms of the business model, I am open but it has to be something that an odesk community member can execute on (i.e. it can't be too complicated).

I am willing to pay upfront for the research as well as a bonus once the site has been purchased and has proven to generate revenue and be able to scale revenue within the first few months. I just want to make sure that you picked the right site and its actually producing the intended results, as I am sure that often times sites bought on flippa don't perform up to the expectations of the buyer.

This job requires a suggestion of 5 sites to buy for under $5,000 and a detailed analysis of why you suggest the site should be purchased. You will need to do diligence to determine whether or the site is performing as advertised (e.g. if it is really making the money it says it is making, as well as verifying the traffic numbers).

Skills: marketing, research, analysis