Looking for a PHP tutor (pair-programming session)

Looking for a PHP tutor (pair-programming session)


Job Description

I am looking for someone who would assist me online to develop a sample website.
I have some experience in PHP- and SQL-programming.

Here are the requirements that I aim to achieve:
- OS: windows (i.e. win server 2008)
- DB: MS SQL (i.e. 2005)
- programming language: PHP
- simple custom logger for website-actions (i.e. log a visit with one line in the log)
- whole site on https
- one/same layout for desktop-chrome, dt-ie, iphone and android (I know it won't look best everywhere, but want to keep it minimal for the time being)
- visitor enters email, pw and gotcha, we confirm with an emailed link + some text
- visitor can initiate pw-reset, we confirm with an email with link
- we can block an existing user-account with according message with instructions

Sessions will be done via Skype and Teamviewer.
Multiple progressing sessions are likely, as we won't be able to complete everything in one go.

Availability for skype/teamviewer sessions:
- between 18:00-23:59 CET on workdays
- between 10:00-23:59 CET on weekends

Language: any of English, German, Russian.

PS: Please start your reply with the word "tutor", so I know your application is not a spam one.