Looking for experienced iOS mobile app PROGRAMMER!!!

Looking for experienced iOS mobile app PROGRAMMER!!!


Job Description

Hi there all you programmers!

The mobile app business is booming so I am looking for game developers to join my team and I in developing addictive and fun mobile apps for the public! Currently, I am looking for a passionate programmer who loves what they do and wants to turn my ideas into great, addictive games!

For now, we will start with a smaller project in which we build a relationship and understand one another. Depending on the success of this first project, you may be offered to work on our bigger projects.

Communication and chemistry are very IMPORTANT! The better we understand each other, the more successful our games will turn out!

Key Requirements:
- games will need to be BUG FREE and FLAWLESS
- games will be created on the iPhone and iPad
- smaller projects aim to be done around 1-2 weeks
- necessary knowledge of Objective C, Cocos2D, Box2D, or Opengl
- looking for LONG TERM PEOPLE
- you may have to build from scratch or start from a provided source code.

If you believe you would be a great addition to our team please do the following things:
1. Reply to this message with the words "MOBILE GAMES" so I know you took the time to read this post entirely.
2. Provide a direct link to your portfolio.
3. Let me know what was your most recent game.
4. Let me know if you create graphics or not.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Skills: games, iphone-development

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