Looking to Hire a Virtual Assistant


Job Description

My online business is growing and I am in need of a VA or virtual assistant. The rates will start around $3-5 per hour and as my business grows and I trust the person Im working with, it will increase to $6-8 and around $10-15 per hour for the person in the long run.

There are a few requirements that I need for my VA, please only apply if you have all of the below and give proof for this as it is a long term position and I am expecting loads of applicants.

1.) English is great - This is essential for communication
2.) You can write English articles - Not a lot of writing needed but must be able too.
3.) website knowledge - Edits need to be made to websites and you need to do this quickly and effectively.
4.) Basic knowledge of SEO.
5.) Be able to perform link building techniques I tell the person.
6.) Proficient with wordpress.
7.) Please include VA at the start of your application so I know you have read the information.
8.) Some admin tasks but not too many most client contact will be done by myself.
9.) Skype is 100% needed for communication and preferably whatsapp as well but that is not essential.

Also as I mentioned the prices and rates will increase as I get tasks done, the business grows and the more I trust the individual, this means that it will only start off at around 5-10 hours a week but may move up to a FULL TIME job and income in the long run, so please put thought into your application.

Tom Buckland.