MCSA or MCP Personal needed

MCSA or MCP Personal needed


Job Description


Title: Windows 2003 Server Admin

Hours: Weekly

Basis of employment: 4 Day contract (Renewed Weekly)
Tuesday, October 02, 2012 – Friday, October 05, 2012

Salary: $30 inc Odesk Fees – Weekly (Revised Next Week)

Employment conditions: Must complete all tasks before getting paid. And is allegeable for pay increase. If we are happy with work.

Performance Space’s standard Terms and Conditions of Employment form part of this Job description.

You’re Jobs

1, To Setup a wordpress webserver
2, To Setup a DNS Hosting Domain Server
3, Run Updates
4, Setup NS1 and NS2 domain
5, give tech support
6, give remote support

When Starting the Job.

To be able to start this job you must agree and sign our NDA. And retune it to us apon signing. and you must provide us with a scanned copy of your Microsoft ID Card sowing us that you have an MCSA, or MCSP Cert.

Skills: mcsa