MLM (Affiliate) software./site.

MLM (Affiliate) software./site.


Job Description

We need an MLM software ...

We want to work with an established developer in MLM and YOU MUST OWN THE SOURCE CODE for us to extend our discussions as we see a long term association for a genuine HIGHLY SKILLED developer ...OF THE MLM SYSTEMS.

The SOURCE CODES to a MLM software designed by YOU...MUST BE YOUR OWN !!!

Remember... If you do have the Source Codes and

YOU ARE INTERESTED in a proposal for us to do a deal DIRECTLY with you, for a long term association...(you MUST PROVE TO US THAT YOU HAVE DEVELOPED THE SCRIPT AND YOU OWN THE SOURCE CODES, and that this will withstand our due diligence and scrutiny) for the management of the business.

I believe what we are offering is an exceptional opportunity for a young entrepreneur.

Skills: management

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