Job Description

am looking for a coder to create the following 2 pieces of software:


The software must be able to execute the following functionalities:

1. Import a list (csv, xls) of url, company name, email address, contact person per lead, or manually create a lead within the tool with those fields.
2. Push a button to create an emulated mobile website, based on the url and display it (framed) for iPhone and Android.
3. Push a button to create an optimized mobile template mockup, based on the industry template selected*
4. Allow to optimize the created mockups by color and style.
5. Save the result as a PDF displaying 'before' and 'after' and a clickable Paypal button. It serves as a sales page. that can be sent to the prospecting website owner.
6. Option to export a navigatable online page (that can be imported to a WordPress site via the following plugin).

* Requires an option to store mobile templates that can be categorized by industry and be selected

Goal: The tool is not intended to be used as a web-based service but as an (offline) tool used to create before and after PDFs that serve as sales pages that can be sent to prospects!


The plugin must execute the following functionalities:

1. Fill in settings like email message which will be sent to the prospect later
2. Import a file created by the emulator & mockup software tool of 'before' (emulated) and 'after' (optimized) mobile website mockups
3. Push a button to create a page per prospect, including the company name in the url (permalink) that shows 'before' and 'after' on one page, including the content of the template, except the email message (1.) This will be the online verson of the created PDF in the software mentioned above
4. Push a button to send out the email message erlier filled in the template (1.) including the link to the page of the specific prospect

Goal: The plugin is intended to create an navigatable online version of the pages created by the software tool mentioned above

Overall Timeline and Quality Requirements:

- The project must be completed within +/- 30 days.
- The interested bidder must demonstrate his capabilities to execute all necessary tasks in order to fulfill the requirements of this job. Please don't send me a huge portfolio list, only mention jobs that have been similar or are somewhat relevant to what I need.

The successful bidder will get detailed step-by-step instructions of what is needed.

Read the requirements carefully and reply using the word "Thanksgiving" so I know you readf through all the requirements. Also, I would really like to see an example or sample of what I am looking for with your PM.

Budget is $150. Do not reply if you cannot deliver within this budget.
Thanks for bidding!

Please do not require any upfront payment. See my feedback, my reputation for payment is 100%.

Skills: import, pdf, paypal, mobile-application-development, android-development

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