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Job Description

Jetaire is a recognized leader in providing systems engineering and integration services and solutions to aviation, space, maritime and electronic systems programs for commercial and military organizations. Jetaire provides aircraft modification and systems integration services; and logistics support; industrial process improvement, including aircraft upgrade and modernization; aircraft component repair and overhaul; and a wide variety of engineering services, including program management, regulatory consulting and reverse engineering.
Jetaire, specializes in providing end-to-end, mission critical aviation technology solutions for government agencies and private-sector clients. Located in Atlanta Georgia Jetaire provides, government and commercial customers. With expertise in many disciplines, ranging from subject matter experts (SMEs), emerging technology assessments, to sustainment of fielded and aging systems, Jetaire has a proven ability to provide rapid response to virtually any requirement. Jetaire is strategically positioned to assist with transferring new technologies to operational use in the field. With such broad exposure to technology developments, industry progress, and user requirements, Jetaire can supply independent management and technical advisory assistance without bias. Jetaire is expertly skilled at integrating and coordinating large, critical, multi-organizational, and even multi-national programs. Jetaire Aerospace core capabilities include program management, systems engineering, integrated logistics support, supply chain management, and maintenance and engineering data.
As a small business dedicated to advanced research and aviation related test and development in several highly specialized technology disciplines. These include the analysis, development, and testing of conventional and advanced fire detection and suppression and fuel systems and displays for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
Jetaire has over 28 years of experience providing high quality aerospace engineering services to customers in 51 countries around the world. Jetaire’s DERs and DARs average more than 25 years’ experience providing engineering services including systems and equipment, interiors, structures and flight tests and program management. Jetaire’s superb engineering Team has earned the prestigious “Accolades Award” from Delta Airlines and the US Small Business Administration’s “Administrator’s Award of Excellence” both of which illustrate their commitment to excellence.
We understand that meeting the surge requirements of our clients is necessary to ensure engineering services coverage under all circumstances. This support could be in the form of supplementing customer maintenance crews to keep a flight test program on schedule or supporting additional manpower requirements during deployment operations and/or emergency operations.

Jetaire is organized to develop teams from a network of consultants and subcontractors that are used on a regular basis and is seeking a consultant to continue development of a database used to identify status of operational compliance issues such as departmental audit schedule/status, open corrective action items, errors, and issues with individual documents, revision status of controlled documents, and various other elements. This specialized assistance will augment Jetaire’s existing technical and engineering services resources to insure the continued effectiveness and performance Jetaire’s mission into the future.

The key to Jetaire’s Team’s success has always been the high quality personnel assigned to each and every project.

Assignment 1
The completed database should be capable of generating both graphical and text reports status the above to include number of items opened, person responsible, anticipated completion date, and client status.

The database should also be capable of completing forms for government reporting.
The database is partially complete but needs some fine-tuning

Assignment 2
The second assignment is to take an existing ACCESS 2003 document control DB to Access 2007, and fine tune it to produce document status (revision level, distribution, percentage complete and other elements)

The second database may eventually have interface with the first one described herein.

Assignment 3
Research may perform to identify the availability of existing SharePoint templates to perform some of these functions.

This s a part time assignment

The consultant should demonstrate experience in document control, access, and SharePoint. Additionally the document approval process/cycle/workflow will be programmed if SharePoint is used.

Skills: engineering, management, research, test, analysis