MS Dynamics - Is this right for me.

MS Dynamics - Is this right for me.


Job Description

The database I use is custom built database that stores client information and policy details. It is adequate for insurance policy management and accounting but not adequate for task management, follow up, notes and electronic filing ect.

There is a general workflow for insurance business and I currently operate the workflow through Outlook tasks but this has severe limitations. I have mapped and diagrammed the general workflow for all of my business. I want a database that can work through this process and make life easier, trackable, in addition I want to be able to allocate tasks so as the business grows I can manage my team using this software.

Another big issues for me is electronic filing. I am paperless and use outlook PST files to for client filing. This creates problems as we are not using a server, sharing pst files is an issue. However using pst files allows me to review files easily and in a chronological order.

I have tried sales force but I like the option of dynamics as I work out of office 99% of the time and constantly change from salesforce to outlook didn’t work for me.


I am looking for dynamics developer to spend time with me to understand my process, my business and tell me if what I am looking at doing is feasible using dynamics.

I am also looking for your advice and potentially different ways or options if there is a tool or system that can fit my needs.

At this point I am not looking to develop this database until I completely understand what is involved in developing this database and potential time and cost ect.

I expect to do this using skype and teamviewer. I expect to spend 2 – 5 hours working on this.

The contractor needs to have good English so we can communicate.


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