MS Outlook Presense Plugin

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Development of a Microsoft Outlook 2003 +2010 Plugin

Plugin details

Get/Set the actual free/busy status from XMPP

* Settings Button
* Color Status indicator (Red, Yellow, Green) graphic
* Drop-down Box for Status indicator (Busy, Away, Free, Automatic)
* Custom Comment Field for a User specific presence Status
* Submit Button for submitting the manual set of Status
* Settings Tab

Has to include:

* Preferred Status comment on "Free(green)" * Language setting * Auto/Manual? mode * Preferred order for status update source (for e.g. 1st Calandar ; 2nd XMPP Status ; 3rd Manual)

* Has to be read from an enc. binary file * Has to be read from the users Registry * Configuration has to be include:

backend ip, db-host, db-name, db-table, db-username, db-password, username, phone-number, xmpp-host, xmpp-domain, xmpp-user, xmpp-password, enable xmpp


* Native language is english * Transport file for other Languages
Functionality description

* Automaticly get the actual events and update to according event the presence from the Users Calendar,change the presence (Red,Yellow,Geen) and update the comment field with the Eventname and write back the new Status to backend db. * Update process run automaticly ever minute to check the users calendar, and on an event change update the status. * Dont update automaticly if manual Status is set. * If there is an XMPP Status change to "On the Phone" change the status according and return to previous status

* Has to be compatible with .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0 * Installer has to be bring all .DLL's with for MySql?, XMPP etc.

including a x64 2010 version

Payment terms:
- 30% definer user interface and technolgy
- 50% first beta
- 90% final
- 100% incl. docu

Skills: english, .net