Objective-C developer

Objective-C developer


Job Description

We are looking for a skilled Objective-C developer to create an app for Mac OS.
The main purpose of the app is to show a single 3d scene. Beside that app will have couple of other screens. The app should run in the full screen mode.

1. Landing screen
This screen contains following elements
- days counter
- percentage counter
- start button
- help button

Every time the app is opened user gets 0.5 %

When user opens the application for the first time counters are saying:
1 day 0.5 %

When user opens the application next day counters should be updated with animation (It up to the developer to advice the best animation)
2 days 1.0 %

When pressing a "Help" button a new screen with help info pops up.
When pressing a "Start" button screen should change to the "3d scene" screen with another nice animation.

2. Help screen with static text, images and links

3. 3D scene screen
This screen should run simple OpenGL 3D scene the app should return to the landing screen and refresh percentage with animation.

We will provide screen designs design to the selected developer.

Please attach source code of 5 classes that you have written in Objective-C to your bid

Skills: design, mac-os-x