Macro Automation Developer

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I am looking for a experienced Macro Developer to create multiple applications and if that first project goes well move on to the next one. There will be on-going development for the application(s) which means more work for this person.

I would like to build an application that will automatically go out and submit information to many sites. For example I want to have where there is a webform and this form would have all the fields that would be needed to go out and submit content to a site like Google+ Local (Google Places), Bing, Yahoo and others. So the form would ask for business details, images, videos, categories and anything else that would be needed to complete the listing 100%.

I have a large marketing company and I want to automate tons of the daily tasks my team is doing to accomplish more without always having to hire more people. If your experienced in this and have done this many times before and can show me what you have done then lets talk ASAP!

Here is some important information I would need answers on:
1. How many other projects have you done like this?
2. What are some of the issues I should be aware of when taking on this type of project?
3. Should these applications be made to work from a server for or as a desktop application?
4. I want to make sure that if we are offering this software as a service that we dont have to pay a licenses fee to the developer of the macro software you might use. I spoke with a developer that uses Macro Express and he told me that each time I sold it if I decided to that there would be a license fee and I dont want that.
5. What is the best Macro program out there and why?
6. Whats involved with managing programs like this? Meaning maintenance, upkeep, modifications and things like that?

Please respond to this job posting with reasons why you can do this and links examples of past work you have done. Maybe ideas to projects you have done if you dont have links. I do what to see your work. I am open to fixed rate or an hourly rate.

Skills: yahoo, marketing