Job Description

Who we are:

We, Madbits (, are an NYC and Miami based tech startup. Madbits is revolutionizing analysis and access to photos and videos, using artificial vision and cognitive sciences applied to real world applications.

Formed with world class experts in machine learning, real time vision recognition, human interface and proven business delivery, the company is ideally positioned to conquer new markets created by the inflection points in the imaging marketplace and the explosion of content created with mobile and other devices.

Job Description:

We are looking for talented iOS + OS X developers. Experience with iOS is a must, experience with OS X / Cocoa a plus.

Initially, your role as a developer at Madbits will be to take care of developing our mobile apps (iOS).

Some of the features you'll develop for these mobile apps will find their way into desktop applications (OS X).

You will be responsible for the development and deployment of our mobile apps, as well as the integration of some features into desktop applications.

Most of our apps are image and video centric. These types of apps involve several technical challenges, especially when dealing with real-time processing. One of your first challenges will be to extend one of our apps with custom video recording / playback features.

Your responsibilities:

• Take over the development of our existing apps

• Work on completely new apps, work out the technical requirements, and implement them

• Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements

• Contribute ideas for making the application(s) better and easier to use

Your qualifications:

• Prior experience with iOS is a must

• Experience with image processing and/or OpenGL and other low-level computations is a must

• OS X / Cocoa is a plus (you will, at some point, have to move iOS features into desktop apps)

• At Madbits, we use Lua everywhere, to script and organize high-level features in our applications. Experience with Lua is welcome.

• Dual-experience with the Android framework is a plus

Skills: analysis, video