Magento - Advanced Product Options

Magento - Advanced Product Options


Job Description

I'm using the "Advanced Product Options" extenstion and need some modifications.

I have a couple of product options - and the products base-price is 0.

The first product option is a fixed price at 8,000.00 or 8,500.00 fx.

If the customer choose 8,000.00, the current price will, of course, be 8,000.00.

Now the customer has two options - and option, which should take 10 percent of the 8,000.00 and the add it to the price.

And an option with 60 percent.

My problem is to tell Magento/the extension to take the percentage of the current price - not the base price, which it is doing by default.

I need someone to either guide me in the right direction or to make the changes in the extension.