Magento Super Duper Expert - No less than 5 years experience

Magento Super Duper Expert - No less than 5 years experience


Job Description

Don't apply unless you have at least 5 years of experience.

Looking for seasoned experts that have built custom modules, troubleshooted even hosting issues, knows Magento backwards and forwards, doesn't take long to diagnose a solution for a problem and isn't often wrong, writes clean, understandable code, is consistently online, very resourceful and a brilliant thinker and problem solver.

I've been through MANY so called Magento developers and I'm still looking to add to the team. There have been many that have not fit the bill and I'm looking for that right person or team.

If you are not the person doing the coding then you should have equal knowledge if you are going to represent yourself or your team via skype.

I do not wish to talk with someone who has to "go get answers" or "go check on the status". I need to sit front and center, live and direct, so I know that when you are online, you'll be able to answer questions and tend to development if needed.

You will be quizzed before acceptance, so please do not apply unless you are at a true master level with at least 5 years of experience.

Clear, understandable, good, fluent, native english is CRITICAL. Communication is critical as you know.

We are in a fast paced environment and have different needs, so it is important for you to be able to adapt to this type of environment and be able to deliver and be on point, paying attention to detail and be as passionate about the work as we are. Thank you!

Good luck!

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