Magento Website Programmer

Magento Website Programmer


Job Description

I have a client that I am going to need assistance on.

1. The website we have was built using is

2. We are going to move the client over to a Magento system.

Here is what we are going to need help on.

My company will have a Magento website already built and set up.

1. We will have the ability to export the inventory in a CSV file and will need to upload that information Magento. I don't have the file but there are product attributes. In addition the images will be labeled the stock number in the CSV file. So we want to make sure the inventory is matched with the correct image.

2. BigCommerce has the ability to export the customer profiles >

2Q - Is there a way of importing customer profiles in Magento if we have a CSV file?

I will need two things:
1. Approximate price of the above?
2. How long will it take?