Maintenance Coordinator

Maintenance Coordinator


Job Description

To provide expert customer service to both the property owner and tenant through facilitation and complete ownership of the maintenance business processes.

Facilitate All Aspects of Maintenance Business Processes:

● Receiving/Documenting maintenance requests
● Troubleshooting/Validating maintenance issues
● Communicating maintenance requests to property owners
● Communicating work orders to vendors
● Facilitating work order timing/action
● Communicating work order updates to owners/tenants

Additional Responsibilities Related to:

● Tracking/receiving vendor invoices
● Posting vendor billing to owner accounts
● Assisting in tenant move outs and owner cancellations/closeouts


● Develop working relationships with property owners and tenants
● Integrate with internal team

Education & Skills:
● Associates/Bachelors Degree preferred
● Strong leadership skills
● Strong critical thinking skills
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills
● Customer service oriented
● Strong negotiation skills
● Strong analytical and financial skills
● Ability to multi-task/manage multiple projects

You must have a reliable phone, internet service, and computer.
This is a part time position. 20-30 hours per week with a flexible schedule.
This is a virtual position where you will be working from home.

Skills: troubleshooting, facilitating, billing, leadership