Major contract available for TEAMS ONLY (minimum 15)

Major contract available for TEAMS ONLY (minimum 15)


Job Description

We wish to award this telesales contract to an intuitive well groomed company with a minimum of 15 Persons in the call centre.

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE opportunity for those with VISION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will offer you a BONUS...a small %age of the business ...after 6 months... PROVIDED THAT you can support ALL our

If you are not focused on this...well... we will fail !!!

You will have the scope to receive a huge bonus upon the success of each saale and it is geared to pay u a higher bonus after each milestone is reached ...

This contract will be awarded for one month with the expectation that your HIGHLY skilled TEAM can advance the sales to an unprecedented level, as we are targeting over 2 million organizations in USA, UK, CA, Asia, AUS, NZ...

so this will be your opportunity to earn over $50 / sale ...

Remember, this is open to medium to large CALL CENTRES that have the vision, the capacity and the initiative (your GREATEST ASSET) to share the rewards with us and with your highly skilled personnel.

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