Make a service similar to


Job Description

Project Description:

1. Sign up an account with

2. Log in and study the service and all its features very well.

3. Write a comprehensive documentation you will follow for execution including all the features and behaviours of the service after completion.

4. Make a dummy bid and submit your documentation for review and negotiations.

5. After we both agreed on features
and charges, you will modify your bid accordingly and the project will either go for fixed or hourly contract depending on the agreed plan.

6. The project will be contracted to the bidder with the following attributes:

i) Most experienced bidder.
ii) Best features integration.
iii) Lowest price/bid.
iv) Quicker delivery.

Note: all the following features must be highly optimized to be more attractive than Eskimi:

1. Template/theme must be sleek.
2. Layout must be more attractive.
3. Service must be more comprehensive.
4. Features must be more friendly.

It must be compatible with all mobile browsers and computers.

Search Features
1. User can search for new friends by;
i) city, ii) state, iii) country.

2. User can filter search by keywords in addition to location search as follows; i) sex, ii) age range, iii) marital status.

Service Payment
Payment on the website will be billed through the user's phone account just like Eskimi to make payments without hassles.