Manage Website Page & Sales Content


Job Description

I need an experiences contractor who is VERY familiar with word-press platforms, Adsense and Amazon Webstores and Fulfillment, Yoast and AWeber.
I build my sites on word-press.
I use Yoast as my SEO tool within the sites.
I use Aweber as a tool to collect email addresses and forms.
I currently have Adsense and I have a large list of products that supposedly can be sold as an affiliate and what pages on my site they would be a good fit for (maybe). My theme allows for unlimited sidebars.

Purpose of Job:
I want to make sure each page has the most effective ad-sense enabled, has content specific products for sale on each page (or links it those products) either through a custom sidebar, converting page to full width and inserting in script, or by implementing a web-store and having each item with the ability to "add to cart" on the page itself. Item must be relevant to the content.

The site has pretty good traffic now it needs to be turned into a income producer.

Job Task Description:
I need the contractor to do the following, in this order:
1) Review Each Page
2) Generate a report on what should be done on each page (ie. input Yoast variables, install ad sense, create a side bar for page with product to sell, etc)
3) Do all Yoast updates first
4) Choose product to sell on page
5) create custom sidebar (or make page with No sidebar by choosing "full page template) or just add product into script of page
6) Use Aweber to generate specific contact forms for "Receive a Free Top Ten Ways to Go Green Report" or something like that
7) Generate unique Aweber followup contact via scheduled email process for a) those or sign up for free tips 2) those who order

The above steps are simple and will be easy to do provided the of affiliate products I have will be a good fit and can be sold easily where I will get the credit for the sale. Each product must be confirmed that it works this way. If for some reason teh products are not setup to "pay per click" such as with clinkbank or click junctions, but are instead products that are in fact just products sold online.....I would need the following tasks performed:
1) Find new products that will work as "clickable" links with affiliate income
2) Recommend whether a yahoo webstore would be best to implement on the site to actually sell all of these items on my site through my own webstore using yahoo's fulfillment process.

Application Requirements:
- Include max hours anticipated for EACH step outlined above. You can do this per page or per task based on ten web pages.
- if you have ANY questions on what I need done, please ask them outright in teh interview.
- Do NOT apply if you have never done this type of work before
- Do NOT apply if you're not sure you can actual get this work done
- Please put "products" in the header of your application for consideration

Skills: amazon, yahoo