Management Program

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Job Description

Project Description:
I need a in the cloud Business Service Management system to help run my commercial cleaning company .The medium requirements are listed below, I have a small budget. I need my staff to be able to use the management program from anywhere that is why we need it in the cloud. Below is what are the requirement of the management program that we need. Please Give Recommendation and Price. Must be a expert in this feild.

• Employee databank – should be able to input:
1. rate per hour
2. position/title designation
3. availability (should synchronize with scheduling)
4. employee information (address/phone numbers)
5. emergency contact – with phone number

• Client Data bank – should be able to input
1. contract price – divisible into time frames
2. contact persons
3. company details (address/phone numbers/etc.)
4. should show projects entered with (past and on going) in client profiles
5. Accounts Receivable incorporated
6. Should incorporate info from CRM

• Inventory
1. should include pricing
2. should incorporate payables
• Job Management/project management
1. should be able to incorporate information from both client, employee, supplier databank
2. Scheduling
3. Tasking
4. Job Costing -- Expenditure (fixed and variable)
• Calendar (where we can manually edit the schedules or do re-tasking of project workloads)—should synchronize with project management

• Invoicing
• Payroll
• Reporting and Analysis
1. Financial Position Report with ROI and graphs
2. Accounts Receivable
3. Accounts Payable – (supply, insurances, loans, etc.)
4. Wage per hour report
• Dispatching Board (what does this do?)
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Marketing Management
• Multiple Locations
• Document management