Job Description

Call Venue Marketing Solutions, Inc is a sales and marketing company that provides a world-class service such as Lead Generation and Appointment setting program. We aim to give our client the highest possibility in letting their business gain more profit, increase their revenue by comprehensive marketing of a professional and dedicated marketing experts in sales through cold calling. That could lead to a positive return of investment and provide them with real business opportunities at the least possible cost and minimum risk.

Let our outbound telemarketing agents qualify leads, see whether prospects are interested and set up the times with our online appointment scheduling program. We can also send out reminder emails or outbound voice messages to confirm appointments.

Our goal is to turn each outbound telemarketing contact into sales and results. We select, assign, train, supervise and monitor top-performing agents. Ask us to customize scripts for different market segments using appeals that will get results.

Our agents are trained to know the right moment when to turn outbound service calls into a perfect opportunity for cross-selling/up-selling telemarketing targeted offers.

We can work with you to make your outbound telemarketing program a success.

No matter what size or scale, we can handle your inbound telemarketing campaign. Maximize your results, B2B or B2C with our Inbound Telemarketing services.

Ask us to initiate and close inbound telemarketing sales, or forward qualified leads to one of your sales professionals.

Ensure your inbound telemarketing program will keep customers for a long time.
We service consumer response to advertised offers promoted on network and cable television, the Internet, direct mail and other media.

Inbound Telemarketing Solutions:
Inbound Telemarketing that Lowers Your Cost per Order
Higher business Captured Response Rates
Achieve a Greater Return on Investment

Skills: marketing