Market Research

Market Research


Job Description

I am looking for someone who can do some market research for my company. I am putting together a business plan.

There is a section on my business plan that I am trying to complete. I need market Research done for my competitive analysis. I am working on a template, so it is pretty straight forward. I am launching a network marketing/MLM company that carries a product line of Gourmet olive oils and vinagars. There will be two kinds of consultants. There will be Fundraising Consultants, who will sell to schools, churches, non profits and atheletic orgaizations. Then I will also have home party consultants. The home pory consulstants will host tasting parties where guests will be able to taste our gourmet flavored oil oils and balsamic vinagars. They will also be able to taste our organic herb blends, gourmet salts and pepper corns.
In addition to selling these items at home parties and fundraisers, we will also have our tasting club where you can recieve monthly mailings with samples of our products for a set price. By joining the club, the customer will recieve 10% retail price. There will be an automatic payment taken from thier Credit card every month.
This will be the same for fundraising. The customer can purchase the product but by joining the tasting club, they too will receive a 10% discount. Not only will they receive a 10% discount, the organization will continue to recieve 5% profit every month from the continued membership, thus we will be a fundraiser that keeps on funding.
The only two mlm companies that are currently my direct competitors are Simply tasty and Dove chocolate.
I know that there are some retail specialty shops popping up and those wold be considered to be indirect competitors. Listed below are two indirect competitiors, that have shops and sell online as well.

Skills: research, marketing