Market dating site, adveritise fast

Market dating site, adveritise fast


Job Description

I'm looking for a marketer who can do the follow, if you can do the following please do respond, DO NOT TAKE ANY ITEMS OUT THE MARKETING, Analyze my competitors site and decide what my site need to bring traffic and get to the top of all search engine, to become better than others and top dating site
Article: All about SEO and its Techniques
In simple definition SEO is a technique by which we optimize a website in such a way so that, the website gets good traffic and rankings in search engine.

There are various search engines but most common are Google, Yahoo & Bing. Now read how search engine works, I want my site to be analyze to see how many time search engine have crawlers my site, and to see how my site was crawl crawls to see what's the content in my website need to get the site to the top. as Google these crawlers name is "Googlebot, I want the crawlers to visit my website on regular basis.

I want a developer who understand the two parts one is On page and other is Off page. Both are most important to do in SEO Process.

On page and off page source . On page important are Meta Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords. Title telling about the website, Its must be short and unique and explaining all about my website.

Google only read 60-70 characters from my website, so always try to write a short title which explaining my webpage properly.
After title my Meta description, Description is a short summary of your webpage and it should be between 150-160 characters.
Now third and important thing is Keywords. Try to find short, unique and those keywords which benefitted my website. Wrong Keywords will hurt my site which drives wrong visitors and it decreases my site popularity.

On page tasks are to verify my site by search engines, For this may have to upload verification files in my website which will generated by the search engines.

These are the important factors for my site.

After the Completion of On page Optimization, the second work is Off Page Optimization, Off page is the long process and also important too. Off page SEO is done for getting back links, more the back links means more popularity. Main off page tasks are
1. Submitting your website in Search engine Friendly Directories.
2. Doing social Bookmarking for the website.
3. Submitting articles in the Article Submission Websites.
4. Submitting website in search engines.
5. Creating Blogs for the website.
6. Commenting for your website.
7. Done social marketing for your website in social media sites like facebook, MySpace, twitter and lots of more.
8. Forum postings.
9. Exchanging links for your website.
10. create a video for adsense and for on site, all social media
11. every item on my website should be marketed, I want over 200 + keywords and phase to advertise my site
12. email blast, email extraction,
13. the video should be everything on the webiste

Skills: marketing, yahoo, facebook, myspace, twitter, video