Marketing Strategist for B2B Lead Generation of Enterprise Software

Marketing Strategist for B2B Lead Generation of Enterprise Software


Job Description

Our company has two products that need internet marketing expertise. The target audience for both of these products is Information Technology Professionals. Occasionally a champion from the sales, marketing, HR, or business continuity department will drive a sale.

Very few SEO and marketing consultants have attempted to market specifically to IT professionals. You must completely grasp the concept that this particular audience rarely uses Facebook or Twitter for their job. Attracting visitors to our website ( ) or blog may not be as simple as it is for consumer oriented products. Even if you are able to bring these visitors in, motivating them to provide their contact information is even more difficult. We have found that targeting IT professionals requires a different strategy than the typical B2C and B2B lead generation.

The two products to be marketed are as follows:

itrezzo Unified Contact Management -- Sync’s contacts from the company directory or CRM system to SmartPhones.

Employee Contact Portal - A free intranet server platform that a company can install on premise. The portal offers a slick Employee Directory that features rapid lookup capabilities and also allows each user to update their personal contact profile.

The Employee Contact Portal is newly released and we want to get as many free deployments as possible. These deployments will be candidates for up sell opportunities.

We have already researched keywords for both products and have a spreadsheet with competitor keywords.

We use inbound marketing tools from Infusionsoft. Your goal will be to generate more visitors to the website. Once on the website, we need to inspire them to enter their contact information so we can nurture them.

We have started a blog, where we create interesting articles for our readers that can also be keyword enhanced content to help with SEO. There is also a which is also keyword rich and can drive content to our web site.

To help us determine why you are the best candidate for this project, please tell us how you would help itrezzo achieve a modest goal of getting 20 qualified leads every month.

If you feel that there are some aspects to this project beyond your capabilities, just state the areas where you have qualified skills, and identify areas where we would need to compliment your expertise with other resources.

If your pitch is good, the next step would be to setup an interview via Skype or landline.