Marketing Through Yahoo Answers and Other Answer Sites

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I'm sorry to anyone that applied to this job earlier. The first contractor I hired was not up to the task, so i have to post it again.

Anyway, I have a product that I need to be promoted through Yahoo Answers and several of the other sites I've listed below. When people ask a question related to my product, I need you to post a pre-written response to their question. Before posting through, make sure the answer you provide actually answers ALL of their questions. We have pre-written answers that cover almost all of the most common questions about the product.

Even though you'll be posting pre-written responses, I really need someone who speaks English very well. I can't waste time working with someone who doesn't understand instructions. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but when it comes down to my own business, I want things to be done correctly.

Here are some of the question / answer sites I'd like for you to use:
google baraza

For this job, I would imagine it would take 3 hours per week to post on every single question that comes up related to the product.

In order to help me weed out the people who did not read this whole job description, please put the words "Swimming Pool" in the first line of your proposal.

I'll keep the contract going for about a month, and then i will assess if the work is bringing in more customers. If things are working out, I'll be able to give you more work.