Marketing and Sales Strategies, Development of dedicated sales pitches including associated marketing material.


Job Description

Hi Sales and Marketing Team.

I operate a small general insurance broker firm, just me and an admin assistant.

What does a General Insurance broker do?

In Australia we organise insurance for clients business and provide advice on insurance contracts and risk management.

The insurance business in Australia is based around referrals from other financial services provider eg, accountants, commercial mortgage brokers. There is little or no direct marketing. Given the general lack of trust for insurance industry clients need someone they trust to provide a referral.

The first task is the help me develop targeted marketing and sales pitches for the following referrers:

1) Accountants
2) Commercial Mortgage Brokers
3) Commercial Real Estate Agents.

I need to stand out from the crowd, to be honest the competition in the insurance industry is pretty bad, I have worked in several insurance brokerages and the quality of their sales and marketing approach is poor.

I need my sales and marketing consultant to help me build a Sales and Marketing Strategy, help me understand my key points of difference, build marketing & sales plans, help me focus on these plans ect.

My background, I have been in sales all my life but in insurance for 8 years, talking to people comes naturally to me. Often clients are very confused when they purchase insurance and I have the ability to make people feel at ease, they trust me and my service offering and subsequently purchase from me. At present the majority of my client base is Micro to Small SME businesses, these clients are not profitable and I am looking at targeting bigger clients with “a refined service offering.

Can you help?

Insurance is a funny product and I have not met a marketing professional in Australia that really understands what I do?

What am I looking for?

- Strong sales and marketing history with tools and systems that can be implemented.
- Previous financial services experience would help but not necessary
- Good English, written and spoken, I am looking for a long term relationship
- Proven track record
- Systems and tools to help facilitate the development of this process.

I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, my wife is a marketing professional, she has helped me in the initial phases, I prefer to keep business separate from my work life but she will be involved in the hiring process.

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